The Master Plan

The human soul has been designed in an amazing way by an amazing God. The Master Plan is a systematic overview of the Biblical principles about who God really is and what He desires for us, His beloved creation. We can walk out of darkness when we let the Bible’s light shine on our own souls and help us understand the God whom we are created to reflect. The Master Plan allows the Bible to speak for itself by highlighting many of the valuable Biblical principles it contains. Each principle is much like a puzzle piece of reality. As each piece is put into place, we have the wonderful opportunity to see ourselves through God’s eyes and embrace the life God originally had in mind when He created us.

Something to think about: life is a journey. What you get out of the journey, personally, is really up to you. In other words, what effort you put in will determine much of what you receive back. Your participation is critical. This book was designed to systematically lay out God’s original purpose for creating humankind and His current reasons for us being on the earth today. When we take time to think through each of the principles and absorb them into our minds and hearts it will carefully reveal the infrastructure of The Master’s design for our lives.

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