The Bridge

Welcome to The Bridge! We are excited to partner with you in this journey. Beth Barone has developed five main teaching series designed to connect people, through coaching and peer relationships, toward intentional growth and healing.

The final teaching series, on The Bridge, shows the 5-step process of moving from “non-Reality” to “Reality” – or from living by the world’s ways to living in God’s Reality. Through relationship with God and others, this teaching is designed for people to identify the different stages of maturation and growth from what is unhealthy/unreal toward a healthy way of seeing and relating to others.  The Bridge functions as a map, as it lays out clear and specific markers to show where you are and what needs to be happening as you progress. It will help you identify your own level of maturity in relationship with God and others, and help you help others as well. The accompanying Participant Study Guide will provide you with all the outlines, questions, and assignments necessary to make the most out of this teaching.

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